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Sapphire Lake Estates Condominium Association

We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Excellawn & Landscape Inc..  We are an 87 unit condominium association with approximately 365,000 sq ft of common turf to be maintained.  We can tell you that Excellawn has performed their duties above and beyond our expectations.   We have also been very pleased with the communication skills of this company.  We have had no trouble accessing authority of the business to get things done in a very timely manner.  They certainly are a very skilled, knowledgeable, well equipped company that seems to be able to handle our needs very easily.

They also handle our association’s snow removal.  We are especially pleased with their willingness to communicate with us concerning our desires with regard to frequency of service.

With that said, we are please to send you our A+ rating for Excellawn & Landscape Inc.  We trust that you would find them an excellent company to work with.


Brickford Estates, Condominium Association

This letter is to recommend Excellawn and Landscape, Inc. for excellent lawn care and maintenance.  I have appreciated not only the lawn care but also their honesty and thoughtfulness.

The workmanship of Excellawn is the best we have had in many years.  I appreciate the respect they show for our property by taking care to avoid any damage to our plants and flowers.  I have received many complements from the co-owners on lawn care and shrubbery trimming.

In addition to their excellent workmanship, I have appreciated their honesty.  When they damaged a sprinkler head, they brought it to my attention and immediately repaired it at their own expense.

They are knowledgeable, do the work themselves and have pride in their work.  They are very easy to communicate with and are available to discuss any concerns or questions.